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Talking Therapy

Freeing Minds is a National Lottery funded project.

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For other information please contact Sharon on  0115 9249 700

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* Coronavirus
* Lockdowns
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Relationships
* Trauma
* Parenting Challenges
* Stress

What is Freeing Minds Therapy?

Integrative Person Centre talking therapy is a compassionate based and non-judgmental form of counselling that uses empathy to view each client as a unique and worthy individual with potential for change and personal growth. 

This therapeutic approach uses a combination of therapy styles to enable each client to experience counselling sessions tailored for their own specific needs.

Person Centered counselling always has the clients best interests at heart and encourages clients to experience self growth and effective positive change in a safe and confidential setting.

What we do

Talking therapy enables a person to talk about any issues that are troubling them.
One to one sessions offer a safe and confidential place in which you can explore difficult feelings that may be confusing, stressful or painful.
It can be a great relief to share your worries or fears with someone.

We offer you

  • A safe place to talk
  • Confidentiality
  • Female therapist
  • 1.1 support
  • Access to community support
  • Phone service
  • Online
  • face to face



Open House

Every other Thursday. A safe and non-judgemental space for mothers experiencing mental health / emotional difficulties. 

The group is a friendly, welcoming and supportive with an ethos of being non-judgmental and a safe place for mums to discuss how they are truly feeling.

  • No Booking required, just turn up
  •  Children are welcome, we have toys for them to play with
  • Refreshments are provided



Women’s peer support group.

First Saturday of the month.

Booking required

0115 9249 700


Freeing Minds Team

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