The Vine Centre and St Stephen’s Church launched their exciting community project to preserve the WWI roll of honour in St Stephen’s Church, research the names and families on the roll and create a display on Hyson Green.

The memories of World War I soldiers, families and communities from Nottingham are to be brought back to life thanks to a new education project.

Hyson Green and the Great War will look at the stories behind the men who lived in the area and whose names are recorded on a Roll of Honour at St Stephen’s Church on Bobbers Mill Road. The roll of Honour itself, which records the names of more than 400 local men who were on active service, will also undergo a restoration to ensure its preservation.

Almost £10,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund has been donated towards the project, which is being organised by The Vine Community Centre, based at St Stephens Church.

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Present Location Uncertain

A community project based on the letters of a WWI soldier from Nottingham, Harold Priestly.

The project vividly recalls the life of the local soldier who fought on the Western Front, along with his family and local community during the period of 1914-18.

The project preserves and digitises 88+ letters, postcards and photographs provided by David Priestly, Harold’s grandson.

The collection will remain with the Vine along with copies going to Nottingham’s Central Library.

The title of the project is taken from the words stamped on the letters returned to Eva, Harold’s wife, from the Western Front in 1918, when Harold could not be found after fighting on the front line.

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Windrush: Pioneers 492

Windrush Day 2019 was Nottinghams opportunity join in a nation wide campaign and celebrate the ongoing contribution of the Windrush Generation and their descendants.The arrival of the Empire Windrush over 70 years ago marked a seminal moment in Britain’s history and has come to represent the rich diversity of this nation.

The people who arrived on MV Windrush, their descendants and those who followed them have made and continue to make an enormous contribution to Britain, not just in the vital work of rebuilding the country and public services following WWII but in enriching our shared social, economic, cultural and religious life. Britain would be much diminished without their contribution.

 Our Pioneers 492 Project began to document their arrival and explore the thoughts and feeling on beginning life in Britain. Through discussion groups and activities we created a lasting legacy through drama, dance and celebrations. As part of the recognition we launch our Pioneers Room in the centre. 

Pioneers discussion group footage can be viewed here

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Windrush: Pioneers 492 project was sponsored by Ministry for communities and Nottingham Together


The INCLUDE Project was designed by local people for local people. Throughout 2019 and 2020 we worked together to enhance the community through a range of activities and sessions.

Community Fun Day 2019

Our first big fun day incorporating organisations and individuals from across Nottingham. Giving experiences to young people and support community cohesion.